Special Events and Trade Shows

Over the years, KX Associates has created and executed many special events, including trade shows, fundraising galas, award presentations, motion picture premieres, boutique openings, commercial product launches and private parties. These events can be designed to raise brand awareness or help meet other specific business goals.

  • Assist in every step of organizing the event as well as in the follow up
  • Provide recommendations for the venue, timing and nature of the event
  • Help identify and recruit board or committee members
  • Set up mailing lists
  • Maintain database
  • Aid in set-up and service, decoration, staging of the event
  • Handle the seating arrangements and staffing
  • Generate press coverage before and after the event
  • Coordinate follow up including thank you notes, gifts, press clippings, etc

Public Relations

KX Associates maintains a strong relationship with the leading members of the print and electronic media. Our database of more than 3000 U.S. and international journalists (trade and consumer) is updated on a regular basis and customized to meet the needs of each client.

  • Write, produce and distribute creative press kits
  • Develop new editorial themes adapted for targeted media
  • Schedule appointments with the press to introduce new products
  • Generate media coverage of events and product launches
  • Organize interviews, press conferences, media tours and press junkets

Marketing Consultants

With 25 years experience in the North American market and an abundance of high-level contacts in luxury-related industries, KX Associates conducts market research and serves as consultant for both United States-based clients aiming to increase sales and international companies interested in establishing a presence in the U.S. market.

  • Define the image of your company and its products
  • Establish its target market and analyze the competition
  • Create a development strategy based upon this market research
  • Provide guidelines and references for your sales development, franchising, licensing and if needed, financial and legal counsel
  • Assist in space, location and staff research
  • Recommend and implement a comprehensive communications strategy encompassing advertising, media planning, direct marketing, press coverage and/or public relations


Through our sponsorship program, KX Associates conducts extensive research to secure a sponsor to help underwrite the cost of certain events. In determining potential partners, the agency strongly considers how the sponsor will complement the brand or organization, and strives for a perfect fit. 

  • Research companies whose profiles and needs correspond to a particular endeavor
  • Identify the exposure that would most benefit the needs of the client
  • Facilitate and attend meetings between clients and sponsors
  • Assist in drafting contracts
  • Evaluate the results with the sponsor to assure future contract renewal